Hi I'm Laura

I want to make the world a better place by using design and technology to do the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

My Process

  • Understand

    Better understand the domain through stakeholder, user and subject matter expert interviews.

  • Define

    Synthesize your findings into easily consumed frameworks that highlight themes and patterns.

  • Diverge

    Come up with as many ideas as possible to help alleviate the pain points identified.

  • Decide

    Determine which idea you want to test.

  • Prototype

    Create a tool that allows you to ask a question of your users and test your theory.

  • Validate

    Share your prototype with stakeholders and users to see if it solves the problem.


  • I worked with Laura on a number of key projects at Gannett. She's always the first to jump in the game and start making things happen. Laura is an extremely talented content manager with a "digital mind." One of the key qualities that separates her from others is her insatiable desire to gather as much intelligence as possible about the consumer and use those insights to guide the new product development projects she manages. Laura's talent for design, knowledge of the digital space, overall energy and passion for understanding the consumer first is why she's been so successful and will continue to have a great career moving forward.

    Reggie Murphy, Senior Manager, Client Experience Research at Vanguard
  • Laura is a very hard-working person who can very effectively manage multiple projects at once. Laura is an expert in the digital world, a regular speaker at many of the best conferences and a respected leader in the Online News Association. Laura is multi-skilled: Business strategy, user experience, development and content production are all in her wheel-house. But best about Laura, whatever she doesn't know she will quickly figure out. I have been impressed that whenever Laura was plugged into a project outside of her experience set, she researched the field quickly to get to mastery so that she could lead within her teams. Laura was a great addition to any team I have been part of.

    Grey Montgomery, Chief Content Officer at Winsight, LLC
  • Laura and I came together from very different worlds - some might even say church and state - she from journalism and I from sales and marketing. To be successful on our project, we had to figure out out how to collaborate, learn from each other and build something new. Laura immediately stepped up into a leadership role on the team thoughtfully teaching our team about design of the product with a keen focus on our end users. It was my first true collaboration between an editorial and business team and it taught me skills that I have used in every job since. I think of all that I learned from Laura often - she was a thoughtful leader, teacher, innovator and product owner.

    Katie Emery, Director, Global Marketing Solutions at The Washington Post
  • In 2010, Laura began working with The Perfect Game Foundation as we created a not-for-profit to assist those who want to work in sports. She did our entire website including design, content, interactivity, provider interface and updates. Her body of work on our behalf has been exceptional, world-class and without her the foundation would not have had the success it has enjoyed. We recommend her unconditionally.

    Del Wilber, President Perfect Game Foundation