Hi. My name is Laura. People call me LC.

Cat Lover.

Let's work together to connect the dots across people, product and process to drive user-centered business outcomes. When I'm not advocating for user-centered design and inclusion, I'm probably lost on a beach or mountain.

I’d love to partner with anyone who shares these values and needs someone to pick up an oar to drive forward a product strategy, conduct research, facilitate a workshop, level up a team, design a portfolio or review a resume.

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Laura empowered us to self-manage but stepped in to support us across disciplines as needed. She is very intentional and hands-on with coaching and was crucial to shaping us into a well-rounded group of UX professionals.
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Brandon Mosley

UX Design Manager

She has a vision for building impactful teams and prioritizing initiatives that add value to the customer experience. On top of that, she has empowered her team to communicate the impact of their work across the organization, which has shaped the way we approach things from UX to marketing strategy. She brings tremendous value to any organization, and is someone I truly enjoy working with.

Dan Cappello

Creative Director

Laura did our entire website including design, content, interactivity, provider interface and updates. Her body of work on our behalf has been exceptional & world class. Without her the Foundation would not have had the success it has enjoyed. We recommend her unconditionally.

Jess Wilber

Technologist, Managing Partner

Laura is an unmatched leader in her ability to put people first in both research and on her team. She has created an environment where it is easy to grow and deliver impactful work. She has built a culture of empathy and true understanding of the value of research and design at multiple stages of product development.
Michelle Ammirati smiling in a professional setting.

Michelle Ammirati

UX Researcher, Innovation Lead

Laura's talent for design, knowledge of the digital space, overall energy and passion for understanding the consumer first is why she's been so successful and will continue to have a great career moving forward.

Reggie Murphy

Research and Insights Leader

Case Studies

Learn More About My Work

A curated collection of diverse projects to illustrate the depth of my experience and impact of my work.

Tracking WeWork's Real Estate Deals
On Oct. 10 2019, WeWork had 622 locations open in 123 cities across the globe. There was a huge opportunity for technology to support WeWork’s real estate team during this expansion. This project was a zero to one effort to first model the different roles on the real estate team then design software to support the workflows and collaboration across the team.
Building a Leading Consumer Digital Bank
With a robust asset base of approximately $42 billion, Valley Bank, a regional entity, operates over 230 branches catering to both personal and commercial customers. As the bank experienced continuous growth, attracting an increasing number of customers daily, the leadership team recognized the necessity to create a seamless digital onboarding experience.
Saving Editors 100's of Production Hours
This project focused on a feature enhancement to Copilot, a proprietary content management system used by Condé Nast editors. Copilot powers the production and distribution of content for ~70 Condé Nast brand teams across 10 countries and in 8 languages. It has 4600+ users. Some editors were manually cropping up to 300 images a day to meet responsive design requirements as the number of distribution channels continued to expand.
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ElleSee Futures

Looking for someone to pick up an oar?

ElleSee Futures is a research and design consultancy focused on helping organizations become human centered and design driven. The main focus is helping people define what makes products useful, desirable, valuable and accessible.

I’ve coached hundreds of people on human-centered design methods over the past 15+ years.

UX Strategy

If you know your user goals and business goals, let's work together to define requirements and the strategic direction for your products.

UX Research

No matter where you are in the lifecycle of your product or service, UX Research can help you understand people's needs, behaviors and attitudes.

Custom Workshops

We can work together to define a cross-functional sprint focused on understanding user, business and technology needs or a design thinking training focused on organizational, structural and people change.

Concept Ideation and Prototyping

Getting out as many ideas as possible to solve your defined problem for your user group can be fun, engaging and even better if you co-create with your users.

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About me

A creator's journey from writer to UX designer and researcher

Over my 15+ year career I've lived at the intersection of storytelling, technology and design. My relentless pursuit of user-centered, data-informed design makes me a strong leader for teams looking to make connections between the work and impact.

In my role as a design leader, I foster a culture of innovation, inclusivity, and attention to detail. I have worked in various roles across media, civic tech and fintech.

What Guides Me

Leadership Principles

My passion for human-centered design and ability to merge human factors with business considerations allows me to make significant contributions as a design leader and partner to product, engineering, data and marketing teams.

Together is better than alone.

Embracing collaboration over working in isolation not only enhances productivity but also enriches personal and team development. This is particularly evident in the realms of research and design, where shared insights and creativity can lead to extraordinary outcomes. Let’s celebrate the power of teamwork!

Balance autonomy & alignment.

My aim is to illuminate the path the company intends to take, empowering the team to align their priorities and plans accordingly. I wholeheartedly champion autonomy and creativity within our cross-functional teams.

Optimize for inclusion.

Enriching your circle with individuals who offer diverse perspectives can significantly enhance your abilities as a researcher or designer. This diversity, stemming from our collective experiences as a team, is a treasure trove of insights and ideas.

Remember the human.

This is the glue that holds us together. Human-centered design puts people at the center of everything. It doesn’t matter if you are designing for a stakeholder, colleague, user, buyer, merchant or any number of other descriptors. What is important is that you stay grounded in human factors throughout the design process.


Find answers to commonly asked questions about my services.

What services do you offer?

We can work together to design a one or two-week design sprint, six to twelve weeks of generative or evaluative research, custom design leadership workshops, speaking engagements, resume reviews plus AI tools that can help you with your search and portfolio site design.

Can you review my resume?

Yes, I can review your resume but more importantly we can talk about the best way to use resume builders to make your search more efficient and increase the change your resume is seen.

Are you looking for contract or full time work?

I’d love to partner with anyone who shares these values and needs someone to pick up an oar.

Working on products or services that have a mission connected to empowering people to make better decisions and/or make information accessible and actionable.

Coaching teams on how to better understand what makes their products or services more accessible and actionable. And, executing on a plan to understand it.

Getting back to my roots in storytelling and/or civic tech by working with teams to better understand how they can use the power of storytelling to connect, inspire and drive change.

Elevating and advocating for a user centric culture, always being the voice in the room helping others understand how the human voice connects to the business goals.

Can you review my portfolio or case study?

During my eight years of experience as a people leader, I have seen reviewed many design and research portfolios. If you want to have a coaching session to review your impact story, reach out on LinkedIn or use the contact form above.

What is your current obsession?

Right now I am learning Spanish and immersing back in the work with a focus on how AI is impacting the role of the designer and researcher. I'm also getting reacquainted with the great outdoors by spending time in Puerto Rico.