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Find answers to commonly asked questions about my services.

What services do you offer?

We can work together to design a one or two-week design sprint, six to twelve weeks of generative or evaluative research, custom design leadership workshops, speaking engagements, resume reviews plus AI tools that can help you with your search and portfolio site design.

Can you review my resume?

Yes, I can review your resume but more importantly we can talk about the best way to use resume builders to make your search more efficient and increase the change your resume is seen.

Are you looking for contract or full time work?

I’d love to partner with anyone who shares these values and needs someone to pick up an oar.

Working on products or services that have a mission connected to empowering people to make better decisions and/or make information accessible and actionable.

Coaching teams on how to better understand what makes their products or services more accessible and actionable. And, executing on a plan to understand it.

Getting back to my roots in storytelling and/or civic tech by working with teams to better understand how they can use the power of storytelling to connect, inspire and drive change.

Elevating and advocating for a user centric culture, always being the voice in the room helping others understand how the human voice connects to the business goals.

Can you review my portfolio or case study?

During my eight years of experience as a people leader, I have seen reviewed many design and research portfolios. If you want to have a coaching session to review your impact story, reach out on LinkedIn or use the contact form above.

What is your current obsession?

Right now I am learning Spanish and immersing back in the work with a focus on how AI is impacting the role of the designer and researcher. I'm also getting reacquainted with the great outdoors by spending time in Puerto Rico.